Finance for social care works in a number of ways depending on people’s individual financial circumstances. Homecare can be paid for in a variety of ways;

  1. Directly through a Local Authority or other providers to the agency providing the care. The benefit of this is that you are clear about what care you are due to receive and from whom.
  2. Direct payments where you are allocated a budget by the Local Authority and you choose who you are going to use to provide your care. The benefit of this is that you get to choose who provides your care and how that care is configured.
  3. Private payments this is when you are considered ineligible for help from the local authority and are funding the care yourselves. You can go one of two ways with this, you can either use an agency such as ourselves who take the burden of the administration away from you or you can directly employ someone which does bring in some flexibility but also the responsibility of becoming an employer.