Our Services


We understand that our clients and their carers want to stay in their own homes and enjoy as much independence and quality of life as possible. We provide a variety of support such as:


Many of our clients do not have family close to hand and therefore need support and companionship either at home or in other social or medical settings. We are able to provide a variety of support services such as sitting, help with social or hospital visits.

Complex Support

Many of our clients have complex needs, our care support workers are well trained in a number of areas such as lifting, and drug administration. This means that they are a safe pair of hands during the time they are with the client.

Children’s Support

We do a lot of work with children, supporting families with a variety of different illnesses. Our care support workers get involved in working with and enhancing the children’s lives through a variety of activities.

Dementia Care

This is a large area of our work and an area where we have strong expertise. We understand this is a difficult time and tiring for family members and make every effort to support the clients and their carers.

Palliative Care

We currently work closely with the District Nurses to support families in this very difficult time. It is an area of work where we have a strong expertise and feel it is a privilege to support families at this time.

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